Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pink Stretch Limo

Sony 2733

I have seen this pink stretch limo last weekend at the Wittenberg Platz.



  1. Wouldn't it be fun to ride around in that limo!? I can just see a group of kids off to a prom/dance enjoying the ride!!

  2. Kinda ugly as a limo, but it goes well with the design and colors of your blog!

  3. That's certainly an attention getting limo! Difficult not to notice it driving down the street in Berlin! My father grew up in Wittenberg, Wisconsin which is 3 hours drive from here!

  4. I think this might be for friends of Barbie or Paris Hilton.
    Well, I guess I would have enjoyed a trip....... to see Berlin or another big city by night.
    So far I have only seen one here in Stavanger:)