Monday, February 21, 2011

Russian Orthodox Church

Sony 2146

The Russian Orthodox Church was built in 1936-38 as a three-aisled basilica in the Russo-Byzantine style with a domed roof, round lantern and onion dome and four small onion domes in the roof and gussets on 5/13/1938 inaugurated. The iconostasis is from the previous building, originally an old church in Warsaw.

Wilmersdorf - Hohenzollerndamm 166



  1. What a delicious photo - I love it! I guess you have a fancy camera for such a nice photo! If you told me that this church was in Moscow or Kiev or Warsaw, then I'd believe you! I hope you were able to go inside for a photo too?
    : - )

  2. So elegant and pretty!
    These "onion-tops-roofs" are just fantastic.!
    I have been to Novgorod /St. Petersburg in Russia, and I have seen some nice churches, but I don`t think we have a Russian Church here.( I might be wrong?) Thanks for sharing this with us.