Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stüler Buildings

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The Stüler buildings opposite the Charlottenburg Palace, the former stables.
1850 Order of King William IV rebuilt by August Stüler to barracks.

Today they are used as museums.

In the former Egyptian Museum, Eastern Stülerbau - left, was by 28
Feb. 2005
the most famous exhibit, the bust of Nefertiti. And refurbishment work, the house was until 10 July 2008 closed. Then here is reopened by the Museum and the Collection Scharf-Gerstenberg. It shows "Surreal Worlds", including works by Salvador Dali, Francisco Goya and Max Ernst.

The bust of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, is the jewel in the Egyptian Museum.
From August 2005 she was in the Old Museum on Museum Island in the upper floor to final parade the New Museum in 2009 to see the collection of the Egyptian Museum.

The museum (collection) Berggruen is situated in the west Stülerbau - right, and was 1996 under the title "Picasso and His Time" opened. It is the collective passion of the 1914 Berlin-born Heinz Berggruen. One of the most important private collections in the world, the former art dealer, was in Berlin to see at first only as a loan, but decided to Heinz Berggruen due the overwhelming public popularity, his collection of Foundation to transfer ownership of Prussian Cultural Heritage.


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