Monday, October 11, 2010

Charlottenburg Palace

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On 24 January 2012 marks the 300th birthday of Frederick the Great.

To mark this anniversary, the Foundation for Prussian Palaces and Gardens Berlin-Brandenburg, the person of the king and the New Palace in Sanssouci Park in the heart of its activities: provide a great presentation and a variety of events a special look behind the mask of the king and the facade of his greatest castle.

Friedrich (1712-1786) influenced by his time as extraordinary as unexpected, a regent could hardly fed ideas and actions. He won as a politician and general, but also as a writer and philosopher, a great influence - on his contemporaries as to posterity, positive or negative. For Friedrich personally sat down for his goals, pursued them engaged, even ruthless - when it mattered, with life and limb. Friedrich, as history shows, was always willing to take risks for his cause.


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  1. Fantastic palace on a wonderful day! Great fun with the BIG blue lettering!