Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shopping Shopping Shopping

Berlin 133

As the leading department store in the country, it presented customers with an array of desirable goods from around the world - from the latest Paris fashion show looks to exotic south sea fruits. Always a firm step ahead of the competition, KaDeWe today, as well as offering a vast variety of products, is also setting new standards in service. KaDeWe caters for a wide range of needs with luxurious beauty rooms and lounges, a wedding and gift service, a hotel and home service, tailor, hairdressers, buggy rental and a bureau de change. In its world-famous gourmet department on the sixth floor, Berlin's premium department store even plays host to exclusive parties high above the roofs of the city.

The same ritual takes place every day at KaDeWe and sometimes on Sundays too when, shortly before 10 am, the original iron gate dating from 1907 is lowered so that customers can embark on an exciting shopping adventure. Each day up to 180,000 customers from around the world are welcomed in cordially by the porter before being attended to on more than 60,000 sq m of sales space by some 2,000 employees, for each of which customer needs and first class service take pride of priority.

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  1. Gehen wir einkaufen! Impressive building and interesting info about the KaDeWe! TschuB!